Pre-configured modules for a quick start

When designing a chatbot, the initial stage can be difficult. To make this easier, Exairon offers a collection of pre-built virtual assistant modules, known as the Template Library, for an effortless start.

Pre-built Templates

Set up your chatbots using customizable Exairon templates. Bring your chatbots to life in a matter of minutes.

Deploy conversational experiences

Creating a bot can be time-consuming, but with pre-built templates, it can be streamlined and efficient. These templates are designed for any situation, whether it’s lead generation, product launch, industry modules, or something else. By using these templates, you can save time and focus on other important aspects of your business.

Lead Generation Templates

Start collecting your prospects' names and email addresses in seconds.

Customer Support Templates

Provide your customers with basic information in a faster way, instantaneously

Industry Templates

Ready-to-go Exairon library templates which are suitable for every sector module

Transform Your Customer Experience with AI to Grow Your Business

Start transforming your customer experience with Exairon and unlock countless opportunities to scale your business