Autonomous Call Center Service

Reduce Your Call Center Workload with Digital Channels, Cut Costs, Increase Conversion.

Deliver uninterrupted and personalized customer experiences with Autonomous Customer Experience on the Exairon Platform. Reach a wider audience as a team. Leverage artificial intelligence in customer relationships. Don’t miss out on sales opportunities, be there for your customers when they need you.

Autonomous Call Center with Smart Live Chat

Interact with your customers without any waiting or delays.

Engage in autonomous communication with your users using Exairon without keeping them waiting.

Embed chatbots on your website or other digital channels. Obtain a fully personalized live support system.

Discover the Natural Language Processing and sentiment analysis features supported by artificial intelligence. Chatbots help organizations understand, resolve, and learn from customer queries.

Efficient customer service with autonomous customer experience

Provide support to your customers both online and offline.

Track all user actions and provide the right service at the right place.

Reduce call center workload and make your request management efficient autonomously.

What You Can Do with the Exairon Platform

Manage the entire process from the first contact with your customers to the moment they make a purchase through the Exairon platform.

Multilingual Customer Experience

Offer personalized customer experience in your users’ own languages and capture sales opportunities.

Bot-Operator Collaboration Time

With Exairon Virtual Assistants, providing 24/7 Call Center service for your customers is now possible.

Multi-Channel Customer Support

Live chat and automated messaging on various channels, including web, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, among others.

Other Features Offered by Exairon

Manage all your customer interactions in one single platform

Manage all your digital channels in one place

Get instant access to all your customer interactions

Automate customer interactions for efficient solutions.

More accurate solutions, happier customers.

1 %
Prefers self-service
1 %
Potential cost reduction of up to 90%
1 %
Improved customer response time
Grow your Business, not your team

Start your autonomous customer journey today with Exairon and unlock countless opportunities to scale your business