Exairon - Customer Experience Automation Platform enables

Reduce your call center workload with digital channels and AI, increasing your revenue

Deliver seamless, personalized, and effective customer experiences with Exairon. Interact with broader audiences using human/AI hybrid teams. Manage your Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Customer Service processes much more effectively with AI-powered automation.

14 days free & no credit card required

Manage all your digital channels with AI on a single platform

➡️ Ready integration with 15 different channels including web chat, mobile chat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and email.

➡️ Effortlessly manage high volumes of interactions with human/AI hybrid teams.

➡️ Design dialogues and integration frameworks with artificial intelligence to provide instant solutions to customer needs.

➡️ Rapid deployment and optimization with on-the-job learning model.

Engage in proactive interactions with your customers

➡️ Offer timely and effective deals with proactive WhatsApp and Web Chat interaction designs.

➡️ Drive action from customers with simultaneous and personalized WhatsApp messages sent without any limitation on the number of recipients.

➡️ Provide personalized experiences to customers who take action with AI-powered automation setups.

➡️ Stay in touch with your customers through proactive messages while managing your operational processes.

Increase Call Center Operational Efficiency

➡️ Quickly route requests and complaints arising from customer interactions to the relevant teams.

➡️ Classify customer requests by creating request types and categories, and design your processes accordingly.

➡️ Design performance management based on SLAs at the team and operator levels.

➡️ Prevent potential delays with real-time alerts and guidance.

14 days free & no credit card required

What You Can Do with the Exairon Platform

Manage the entire process from the first contact with your customers to the moment they make a purchase through the Exairon platform.

Integrated Customer Experience

Manage the end-to-end digital customer journey, including marketing, sales, operations, and after-sales services, on the Exairon platform.

More Efficient Operators with Artificial Intelligence

Enable seamless management of all channels from a single screen without the need for inter-application switching, resulting in more efficient, happier operators with AI/ExaironGPT-supported automation setups.

Multi-Channel Customer Support

Uninterrupted and consistent customer experience with 24/7 multilingual customer support across over 15 channels including Web, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Automate customer interactions for efficient resolutions and make happier customers

Unlock the power of customer satisfaction through efficient issue resolution, leading to their ultimate satisfaction

1 %
up to 30% ROAS increase
1 %
up to 55% cost reduction opportunity
1 %
Improved customer response time
Transform Your Customer Experience with AI to Grow Your Business

Start transforming your customer experience with Exairon and unlock countless opportunities to scale your business