Banking & Financial Insudtry

Interactive Support for Banking and Financial Services

Facilitate banking and financial transactions for your customers. Use a chatbot to be available 24/7, automate routine tasks, and provide quick responses to inquiries.

14 days free & no credit card required

Enhance Your Customer Service and Communication!

Exairon can serve customers 24/7 through virtual assistants as an integrated and autonomous platform, answering basic questions and expediting account transactions.

An AI-based autonomous working system swiftly responds to customer inquiries and needs, minimizing waiting times for customers.

Keep Up With Evolving Technology!

Make your presence felt for your customers through different messaging applications or web platforms.

Utilize Exairon, an integrated and autonomous platform, for functions like automatic payment reminders, monitoring account balances, and ensuring regular bill payments. By doing so, provide innovative and advanced services, positioning your bank competitively.

Increase The Productivity Of Your Employees!

Digitization will not only enhance your customer experiences but also enable improvements and advancements in employee experiences and business processes.

By reducing your employees' workload and freeing them from tasks that can be done autonomously, you will allow your employees to dedicate time to more important tasks.

How is Artificial Intelligence Used in Banking and Finance Industry?

Artificial intelligence and the technologies it brings are a solution utilized in the banking and finance sector to provide customers with a faster, more personalized, and interactive experience. This type of support can assist customers in various areas, such as answering customer queries, handling credit applications, managing account information and transactions. In this manner, businesses can achieve a competitive advantage while ensuring improved customer service.

How Will It Benefit Your Business?

Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Provide a personal assistant that speaks the customer's language with natural conversational ability across all channels.

24/7 Support

Get closer to customers and connect with them through new communication channels and multiple languages.

Capture Potential Customers

Capture the interest of your visitors and be ready for them at any time of the day.


Gather all data in one place and obtain a unified customer platform.

Personalized Offers

Utilize chatbot analyses to offer personalized services and offers to your customers.

Customer Feedback

Use chatbots to automatically collect customer feedback and provide exceptional customer experience.

Save on Costs

Automate up to 80% of repetitive tasks with chatbots to reduce operational costs by up to 30%.

Scale Your Sales

Utilize AI-powered chatbots for automated customer support and sales conversions.

Increase Conversions

Share the information customers need and guide them in the right direction to facilitate quick decision-making.