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AI-Powered Interactive Support for the Education Industry

With Exairon, an autonomous customer experience platform, ensure sustainable and continuous communication among your students, employees, and all communication channels. Enhance student experiences with artificial intelligence and improve your student experience!

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What Can You Do with Exairon?

Prevent confusion in Application and Registration processes.

Manage reminders, document processes, bureaucratic procedures, and interactions between parents, students easily.

Manage all your social media communication channels from one place!

Ensure sustainable communication with Smart Assistants.

Be accessible 24/7 with Exairon.

Create hybrid teams, train artificial intelligence through real human interactions in the workplace.

Application and Registration Processes

School application and registration processes are one of the busiest times of the academic year. During this period, reminders, paperwork, bureaucratic processes, and questions from parents and students tire both staff and families. While the prolonged processes negatively affect students, the most effective way to get out of this chaos is of course to get help from technology.

Automate Reminder Messages

Many different transactions that need to be done during the year are calendarized for bureaucratic and business process-related reasons. However, it is quite normal for this calendar to be forgotten by your customers and for users to be left out of the calendar.

Enter the reminders that need to be done and set the time, and your smart assistant will make the necessary reminders pro-actively to all your users for you. In this way, you will both prevent problems that will disrupt the flow of processes and make your customers and students feel special.

Manage Your Digital Channels from a Single Screen

Today, many different organizations can communicate with their customers and users through many different channels at the same time. A user who doesn’t see your email can reach you on a more intimate and casual platform like WhatsApp. It is extremely important that you are active and up-to-date on all these channels. With Exairon, you can connect all your channels to one point, create your team and be active continuously.

Feedback and Insights

Getting feedback from your users is extremely important. Even more important is being able to collect data about your users’ preferences and have insights to improve your business. Exairon and smart assistants collect and analyze important data about your users. This way, you can see what you need in your business development processes and take pro-active steps towards it.

How Will It Benefit Your Business?

Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Provide a personal assistant that speaks the customer's language with natural conversational ability across all channels.

24/7 Support

Get closer to customers and connect with them through new communication channels and multiple languages.

Capture Potential Customers

Capture the interest of your visitors and be ready for them at any time of the day.


Gather all data in one place and obtain a unified customer platform.

Personalized Offers

Utilize chatbot analyses to offer personalized services and offers to your customers.

Customer Feedback

Use chatbots to automatically collect customer feedback and provide exceptional customer experience.

Save on Costs

Automate up to 80% of repetitive tasks with chatbots to reduce operational costs by up to 30%.

Scale Your Sales

Utilize AI-powered chatbots for automated customer support and sales conversions.

Increase Conversions

Share the information customers need and guide them in the right direction to facilitate quick decision-making.