Exairon – Customer Experience Automation Platform

Human/AI Collaboration for Next-Generation Customer Experience

Integrate ChatGPT-powered AI Virtual Assistants with Exairon into your team. Start providing 24/7 multilingual service across various channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Webchat, Email, and more.

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In the Age of Generative AI

Isn't it time to exceed your limits in customer experience?

Our AI-powered multi-channel customer experience automation platform is revolutionizing how your business interacts with customers. Take the step with us to communicate with your customers faster, more personalized, and more satisfyingly.

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Reach out to your customers on their preferred channel and time of choice!

Exairon - The Best Way to Dialog with Your Customers

Now you can manage WhatsApp, Instagram, WebChat, Email, Telegram, and many more communication channels integrated into a single platform. With Exairon, grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors by harnessing the power of technology. Discover this innovative way of connecting with your customers!

Transform your smartphone into a customer experience service center

Exairon Mobile Application for Operators

With Exairon platform, you can interact with your customers using your mobile device, manage all your channels from a single screen, and provide instant and efficient service to your customers. Your customer experience service center is now at your fingertips!

Expand your business globally on digital platforms

Deliver a multilingual customer experience

Our AI-powered multi-channel customer experience automation platform makes it easy for you to communicate in different languages. By eliminating the language barrier with your customers worldwide, take your business to a global scale. Explore the advantage of providing services in their own languages by checking out our platform now!

Your customers are always online on digital channels, are you?

Engage with your customers 24/7

Stay in seamless interaction with your customers with the power of AI support! Our online customer experience automation platform ensures that your business remains active at all times. Manage your business with your customers more closely and effectively, without being confined to any specific time or location.

Empower your customer experience teams with AI

Allocate your human resources to the most
value-added processes

It’s time to redirect your employees to the most critical processes! Now, by freeing up valuable human resources from routine tasks, you can redirect them to more strategic and value-added responsibilities. This way, you can take your business to the next level by establishing more personalized and effective communication with your customers.

Automate customer interactions for efficient resolutions and make happier customers

Unlock the power of customer satisfaction through efficient issue resolution, leading to their ultimate satisfaction

1 %
up to 30% ROAS increase
1 %
up to 55% cost reduction opportunity
1 %
improvement in customer response time

Create your chatbots within minutes

Quickly deploy your Virtual Assistants with ChatGPT

With ExaironGPT, designers can accelerate their creative processes using the ChatGPT-supported design wizard. Through the Dialogue Library offered by the platform, ready-made virtual assistant templates can be instantly utilized. This feature enables the completion of months-long design and training processes in just minutes.

Instead of months-long projects

Train your virtual assistants on the job.

Exairon – Customer Experience Automation Platform stands out with a unique feature: on-the-job AI training. Operators can train virtual assistants with customer questions and responses. This way, your virtual assistants fully adapt to your business processes and effectively manage customer interactions.

Analyze your customers’ digital experience from multiple dimensions

Monitor, analyze, and improve customer dialogues

Exairon provides easy-to-use, interactive, and comprehensive dashboards that enable you to analyze and improve customer experience. These dashboards allow you to observe every aspect of customer interactions in detail, empowering you to take the right steps to enhance customer satisfaction and make communication more effective.

Transform Your Customer Experience with AI to Grow Your Business

Start transforming your customer experience with Exairon and unlock countless opportunities to scale your business.