Instagram Business Account Automation

More Effective Sales, Marketing and Customer Service with Exairon

Deliver seamless, personalized, and effective customer experiences on your Instagram Business account using Exairon. Engage with broader audiences through human/AI hybrid teams. Efficiently manage your Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Customer Service processes with AI-powered automation.

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What is an Instagram Business Account?

It serves as an account that companies use to communicate with customers and community members on the Instagram platform.

Through an Instagram Business Account, you can communicate with your customers as a business entity.

What are the features of Instagram Business Account?

With an Instagram Business Account, you can interact with users within the app.

Instagram provides a marketing-oriented advertising infrastructure for businesses.

You can create pages to build your community and engage in promotional activities. Additionally, you can respond to comments on your posts.

You can communicate with members of your community via Instagram Direct Message (DM).

Increase Your Revenue Using Instagram Business Account with Exairon

➡️ Capture instant engagement opportunities in your Instagram ads and swiftly convert them into sales.

➡️ Don't leave community interactions on your Instagram pages to chance. Manage all your community in one platform.

➡️ Offer personalized experiences to action-taking customers with AI-supported automation frameworks.

➡️ Stay in touch with your customers with proactive messages while managing your operational processes.

14 days free & no credit card required

What You Can Do with the Exairon Platform

Manage the entire process from the initial contact with your customers to the moment of purchase through Instagram using the Exairon platform.

Integrated Customer Experience

Manage the digital customer journey end-to-end on the Exairon platform, including marketing, sales, operations, and post-sales services. Maximize the conversion of your advertising spend and increase community interactions.

Effective Operators with Artificial Intelligence

Manage all channels from a single screen without the need for app switching, with AI/ExaironGPT-supported automation frameworks for more efficient, happier operators. Benefit from integration capabilities for quick and effortless process automation.

Multi-Channel Customer Support

Provide a 24/7, multilingual, seamless, and consistent customer experience across 15+ channels, including Web, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Easily manage community comments on Facebook and Instagram, and direct sales/support processes via DM.

Automate customer interactions for efficient resolutions and make happier customers

Unlock the power of customer satisfaction through efficient issue resolution, leading to their ultimate satisfaction

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up to 30% ROAS increase
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up to 55% cost reduction opportunity
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Improved customer response time
Transform Your Customer Experience with AI to Grow Your Business

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