Proactive Whatsapp Interactions ​

Proactively reach out to contacts via Whatsapp

Not always will the customer reach out to you. Start interactive dialogs whether information messages or operational messages to your customers.

Customize your own WhatsApp template messages

You can send and receive all type of media files including Images, Videos, Documents, Location, Audio , Voice Memo.

Make the messages interactive with Call-to-action (CTA) and rich media.

Send personalized messages to your customers

Quick replies allow your customers to respond with a simple text message by clicking on one of the available buttons.

Whether your chatbots or your hybrid teams keep customer interactions.

Create your target audiences

Easily target from existing customer records or upload with Excel

Set up segmented campaigns based on target audiences.

Build special campaigns for your target audiences

Share new offers by simply designing your message and uploading the contacts that should receive this offer.

Data never lies. Look at data from all the campaigns you run in one place

Monitor the campaign submission results instantly

Check the status of your messages.

Analyze it to refine and improve your campaigns for better results. You can look at behavioral data like sent, delivered, seen, and replied to for all the messages sent to your contacts.

Why Whatsapp Proactive Messages?

Higher Open Rates

Guaranteed to reach your customers via WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application!

Better Engagement

It is inevitable that you will get more interaction for the messages you send to customers via Whatsapp.

Increased Revenue

With personalized engagement, you’ll find a higher volume of leads that generate more revenue.

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