Autonomous Customer Experience and Artificial Intelligence in Education and Training Technologies

With the pandemic and digital developments entering our lives, digitalization in education has become quite common. While this digitalization has changed the practices in the education sector, it has also changed the work required to improve the sector. As the education sector developed as a sector, ensuring the satisfaction of users started to gain importance. As user satisfaction affects their personal success and development, it has become vital to improve user communication and experience in the sector.

If you aim to improve user experiences in the education sector and grow your business, Exairon is your biggest assistant!

A Revolution in Education: Artificial Intelligence 

Education is one of the leading sectors that develop and change with humanity as it develops and changes. In the digitalizing world, the need for innovation in the education sector also comes to the fore. Artificial intelligence technologies have revolutionized education and created the need for a radical change in user and student experiences. Meeting these needs is extremely important for the health and future of your business. At this point, you can get help from Exairon to meet your needs.

Exairon, an autonomous customer experience platform, aims to ensure sustainable and continuous communication between your students, employees and all the channels you communicate with. Active communication and interaction, which is the most important step of student experience, is realized in this way and the customer experience is improved.

Exairon responds to many of your customer experience needs with the integrated platform it offers you. Much more than a smart assistant, Exairon autonomous customer experience platform allows you to be with your students at all times and provides you with the data you need for your business development processes. It is possible to reach highly effective solutions with Exairon in the education sector. Let’s take a look at the effects of artificial intelligence in the education sector and what Exairon can do for you.

Your Travel Companion Exairon

There are many areas in the education sector where you can benefit from artificial intelligence technologies. Since education is a service that directly affects people’s lives, being accessible in this sector is extremely important to ensure customer satisfaction. 

This is why it is important to be in contact with your customers 24/7 and to be accessible for users who need you. Although being available 24/7 sounds a bit impossible, it has become quite easy thanks to new technology. So how?

Exairon is an integrated and autonomous platform that provides you with support to improve your customer experience across different lines of business. Using the platform, you can create hybrid teams of AI tools and humans. The AI devices you use, digital assistants, machines will learn from the business processes in the platform and will become more and more flawless and interact with your customers accordingly. 

Exairon will be with you at all times, never letting you and your customers down. The limits of what you can do with the platform are quite wide!

Sustainable Communication with Smart Assistants

Smart assistants or virtual assistants, also known as chatbots, are advanced technologies that can respond to the needs of your customers anytime and anywhere with the data provided in advance. Whether you want automatic messages or different information needed… With the data to be provided to assistants, you can stay in constant contact with your customers at any time of the day, without the need for the support of any employee or teacher, and make them feel that you care.

Keep in mind that education is much more than a sector and it is extremely important to be there for your customers as you need to touch their lives directly.

Avoid Confusion in Application and Registration Processes

School application and registration processes are one of the busiest times of the academic year. During this period, reminders, paperwork, bureaucratic processes, and questions from parents and students tire both staff and families. While the prolonged processes negatively affect students, the most effective way to get out of this chaos is of course to get help from technology.

Imagine you are a school principal. In the new academic year, you are likely to deal with many people who have questions or missing documents or who do not understand what and how to do. It is extremely difficult to communicate with all these people individually. Instead, with smart assistants, you can build an extremely wide network of communication, which we can call mass. 

It is possible to train your smart assistants in the way you want based on data about what they can do in which situation. In this way, you have a supporter who is always accessible, answers the questions you need and sends you notifications when necessary. And there are no working hours! Your smart assistant is with your customers whenever they need it!

Don’t Forget The Importance of Reminders

Many different transactions that need to be done during the year are calendarized for bureaucratic and business process-related reasons. However, it is quite normal for this calendar to be forgotten by your customers and for users to be left out of the calendar. Although this is a huge problem that will stress both you and your customers, it is possible to avoid such problems thanks to smart assistants and artificial intelligence support. Enter the reminders that need to be done and set the time, and your smart assistant will make the necessary reminders pro-actively to all your users for you. In this way, you will both prevent problems that will disrupt the flow of processes and make your customers and students feel special.

Media is the Message: Where Should You Keep Communicating?

Although the title is a bit ambitious, it is very important to use your communication channels correctly. Today, many different organizations can communicate with their customers and users through many different channels at the same time. A user who doesn’t see your email can reach you on a more intimate and casual platform like WhatsApp. SMS reminders can be extremely vital, or your organization can be contacted about a specific topic through your website. It is extremely important that you are active and up-to-date on all these channels.

As tiring as it may sound, it’s actually very easy to do. With Exairon, you can connect all your channels to one point, create your team and be active continuously. Remember that in the digital world, it is not possible to make up for being late.

Feedback and Insights: The Answer to How to Improve Your Business

Getting feedback from your users is extremely important. Even more important is being able to collect data about your users’ preferences and have insights to improve your business. Exairon and smart assistants collect and analyze important data about your users. This way, you can see what you need in your business development processes and take pro-active steps towards it. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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