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Kolektif House implemented Artificial Intelligence-powered Customer Experience with Exairon

Kolektif House has opted for Exairon – Customer Experience Automation Platform to facilitate the lives of its customers using innovative and unique shared office services, aiming to provide faster and more efficient communication, as well as AI-supported instant solutions.

Meet Kolektif House, the New Member of Our Family

Kolektif House, which sets out to nourish both the soul and work of everyone who lives by producing passionately, offers next-generation office solutions designed to believe in the power of naturalness and the value of sensitivity. Shaping the working world with its developed solutions, Kolektif House is a social, efficient, and adaptable workspace. Focusing on interaction with top-notch services for the ideal working experience, Kolektif House establishes a sincere community with brands of different scales and industries, ranging from the entrepreneurial ecosystem to SMEs, from corporate companies to global corporations.

In the workspace of your dreams, Kolektif House membership packages offer more than the services you might wish for. Included in these packages are 24/7 office usage, all-day self-service coffee and tea, address representation, meeting room usage, fast and reliable internet access, as well as cleaning and security services. Kolektif House designs motivating, inspiring, fun, educational, and informative activities for working while socializing and socializing while working. Kolektif House members collaborate among themselves, providing an office environment that “binds work” to you. Additionally, through collaborations with brands in different fields, KoPerks discounts are offered to members.

Why Was Innovative Autonomous Customer Experience Necessary?

Kolektif House, a pioneering company offering shared office services, integrated the Exairon Customer Experience Automation platform to transform customer experience. This innovative step aimed to provide instant service to potential customers through platform such as Webchat, and to offer more effective support to existing customers. The primary goal here was to address immediate solution needs and facilitate quicker and easier access to support teams for other service-related requirements.

What Does Exairon Do for Kolektif House Customers?

Kolektif House, embarking on its journey with an innovative vision, achieved the ability to convey its services more effectively to potential customers through the Exairon – Customer Experience Automation platform, making communication instantaneous. Communication conducted via Webchat provided customers with prompt responses and real-time solutions, delivering a transparent and sincere communication experience.

Artificial intelligence workflows, specifically designed to share detailed information and provide real-time support, have been implemented to meet the needs of office usage, enhancing customer satisfaction and contributing to the digital services of Kolektif House. This approach not only increased customer satisfaction but also added value to Kolektif House’s digital services. The ability to provide 24/7, multilingual support reduces human dependency, while allowing human assistance to be seamlessly integrated into the process at any moment of need, providing significant flexibility.

Solutions Offered by Exairon for Kolektif House include:

  • Interactive guidance for customers’ immediate needs with the assistance of artificial intelligence.
  • Faster resolution through collaborative service by operators and artificial intelligence in essential processes.
  • 24/7 communication.
  • Personalized services with integrated processes through Kolektif House systems.
  • Easy access via Webchat.

Digitalize your Customer Experience with Exairon 🤖

The Exairon Customer Experience Automation Platform integrates with your customer communication, sales, operations, and support processes through its digital capabilities. The platform provides the opportunity to effectively utilize both expert human resources and Dialogical and Productive artificial intelligence in a hybrid structure. This allows you to design your processes in a way that maximizes customer satisfaction and optimizes efficiency and effectiveness for your company.

With Exairon’s integration of more than 14 channels, you can seamlessly manage your customer interactions in the manner and language they prefer on the respective channels.

The significant advantage of managing all communications on a single platform is that the customer gains a 360-degree view of communication while also being able to utilize Exairon’s analytical reporting capabilities for end-to-end analysis of processes.

These are just a few of the features offered by Exairon, and there is no limit to what Exairon can do!

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