The Health Store Turkey has started collaborating with Exairon for an Autonomous Customer Experience

The Health Store Turkey had increased its interest in technology-based solutions to provide better services to its patients. A crucial stage in this transformation was the collaboration with Exairon, leading to significant strides in autonomous customer experience.

Meet the New Member of Our Family: The Health Store Turkey

The Health Store Turkey is a center specializing in dental treatment, eye care, weight loss surgery, and aesthetic solutions, working with industry professionals. Offering personalized treatment plans for services such as dental treatment, eye care, weight loss surgery, and aesthetics, The Health Store Turkey provides comprehensive and reliable solutions in health and aesthetics with its expert team and patient-focused service approach.

Aiming for patient happiness in the light of the value of information, The Health Store Turkey has been providing services in dental treatment, eye care, weight loss surgery, and aesthetics for over four years. It aims for excellence, especially in patients’ health, with high-quality, state-of-the-art treatment methods, and applications.

Why Was an Innovative Autonomous Customer Experience Necessary?

The Health Store Turkey reached out to Exairon to provide a more personalized, fast, and efficient experience for its patients. Exairon offered a platform utilizing artificial intelligence and automation technologies to optimize a range of processes, from scheduling appointments to tracking treatment plans and even updating health information.

When The Health Store Turkey implemented the autonomous customer experience platform, the results quickly became apparent. Patients could now obtain information, schedule appointments, and update health records through the online platform, allowing them to access their needs quickly without the need for waiting.

What Does Exairon Do for The Health Store Turkey Customers?

Exairon has developed an automation system to meet all the needs of The Health Store Turkey customers. This system speeds up appointment processes, ensuring better service with reduced waiting times. With multi-channel communication management capabilities, Exairon collects communications on channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Business, and Email through Webhooks, integrating them in Hubspot.

Thanks to our artificial intelligence-based automation system, The Health Store Turkey can manage communication channels from a single platform, reducing the intensity and complexity of communication processes, solving problems, and utilizing 24/7 live support features.

Solutions Provided by Exairon for The Health Store Turkey:

  • Multi-channel communication
  • Appointment management
  • 24/7 communication
  • Providing comprehensive service to customers with the help of an intelligent assistant
  • Live support & Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hubspot Integration

You Need Exairon 🤖

Exairon is an Autonomous Customer Experience Platform. The Exairon Platform integrates with your digital presence, becoming part of your customer communication and business development processes. The Exairon Platform ensures seamless and smooth connectivity between artificial intelligence and human dialogue.

When integrating the AI-powered virtual assistant with a representative into the dialogue, the representative sees all correspondence text in the Exairon meeting panel and can respond to the conversation happening in the same chat box. Proving its commitment to social media and communication, Exairon provides service through multiple channels. Using digital support tools known as intelligent assistants, it enhances customer relationships and interactions in all areas.

With the trigger feature, Exairon can sustain meaningful and accurate dialogues, providing customers with the desired information. Integrated with main applications such as WhatsApp API and Meta, there is no need to download a different application or register elsewhere.

These are just a few of the features Exairon offers. There is no limit to what Exairon can do!

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