A New Perspective on User Experience: The Collaboration between AVİTA and Exairon

AVİTA is a comprehensive employee support program that delivers sustainable high performance and efficiency for corporate companies. 🌟 AVİTA offers expert support in psychological, medical, financial, and legal matters, aiding employees in achieving a balance between work and personal life. 📈 Additionally, it provides powerful management tools and comprehensive analysis, evaluation, and reporting services to executives, enhancing organizational performance. 💼 By integrating Exairon’s solutions, AVİTA further optimizes employee benefits management through its platform. 🚀

A Strong Collaboration with Exairon

This partnership transforms the employee benefits management experience fundamentally by integrating AVİTA’s platform with Exairon’s technological expertise. 💡 Exairon enhances AVİTA’s services by providing accessible, smart, and effective solutions. 👥

Exairon’s Solutions and the AVİTA App

  • Multilingual Support: Offering both English and Turkish options, catering to every user in their language. 🌐
  • Appointment Management: Users can now easily book and cancel psychologist appointments. 🧠
  • Flight and Hotel Reservations: For business or leisure trips, flight and hotel bookings are just a few clicks away. 🏖️✈️
  • Live Support and Hybrid Working: In case of need, users can instantly connect to an operator, this hybrid model provides both digital and personal support. 💬
  • Feedback: Users can provide direct feedback within the app, allowing for continuous service improvement. 🔄

Why Exairon and AVİTA?

The collaboration between Exairon and AVİTA in innovative benefits management experience simplifies the daily life of corporate employees, enhancing their work productivity and satisfaction. 📈 With multilingual support, smart appointment management, and instant feedback capabilities, AVİTA revolutionizes the management of employee benefits. 🎉


The partnership between AVİTA and Exairon is a vivid example of how corporate benefits management can be transformed. 🌍 At Exairon, we take pride in using the power of technology to make employees’ lives easier and increase their workplace satisfaction. 👍 Are you ready to be a part of this innovative approach? 🚀

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