Orion Fair began proactive WhatsApp bulk messaging with Exairon’s AI Virtual Assistant!

Orion Fair aimed to reach participants and visitors from many countries more easily using Proactive WhatsApp Bulk Messaging. They wanted to promote their business extensively and gain visibility. To improve customer experience by responding instantly to feedback via the WhatsApp channel with AI-powered and autonomous responses, they took action. To implement this, they needed to use Proactive WhatsApp Bulk Messaging with an AI-based virtual assistant and a live chat system working in a hybrid structure. Furthermore, Orion Fair. aimed to provide instant support to their customers 24/7, so they crossed paths with Exairon, a proven leader in the industry, to bring this to life.

After detailed examinations, Orion Fair met Exairon. They realized they could quickly implement the trust provided by Exairon’s hybrid working mode, uninterrupted customer experience, and operational efficiency increases brought by artificial intelligence into their own processes. Therefore, Orion Fair started working with Exairon.

Briefly about Orion Fair

Orion Fair, established in 1986, continues its journey in agricultural fair organization with its expertise in agricultural and livestock fairs, starting with the Izmir and Denizli fairs.

The 17th Agroexpo International Agriculture and Livestock Fair, Turkey’s largest and one of Europe’s four major agricultural fairs, hosted 3,042 brand participants from 90 countries and 357,912 visitors for five days from February 2nd to February 6th, 2022.

As the fourth-largest agricultural fair in Europe, it provides visitors with the opportunity to meet world leaders on the same platform while allowing participants to keep track of their competitors.

Why Exairon?

Exairon has proven its success in various sectors with the Exairon Platform, a conversational AI product that encompasses all necessary components, gaining high reliability. Exairon’s successful autonomous customer support systems with AI-based, dialog-based virtual assistants, as well as its experience in designing dialogical experiences, were influential in Orion Fair’s choice of Exairon.

The AI assistant on the Exairon platform was created and trained to provide seamless support to individuals serviced by Orion Fair, ensuring instant access to information. Additionally, this AI-based support system also incorporated the human factor into the process. Orion Fair integrates with Exairon’s Proactive WhatsApp bulk messaging software through AI and live support system, where AI and live support representatives collaborate to serve customers. The Exairon team took full responsibility for preparing and delivering the project successfully.

How does the Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant of Orion Fair help participants and visitors?

User habits are evolving towards a dialogical direction. Orion Fair enables individuals it serves to instantly access information through a dialogical interface that is compatible with their habits. With this dialogical experience, Orion Fair quickly responds to frequently asked questions by reaching out to the individuals it serves in bulk. It also allows for the creation of processes that will encompass customers who want to obtain information about the process.

Additionally, the project was quickly prepared by Exairon through the tools and modules available on the Exairon Platform. Orion Fair provides event information, platform information where they can buy tickets, and campaign information to customers easily via WhatsApp. At the same time, the individuals they serve can ask questions and instantly access the answer to this query. What is the purpose of sending bulk messages?

  • Ticket purchase
  • Event announcement
  • Participant list
  • Contact information
  • Location

Why is it inspiring?

The Exairon Platform ensures seamless and smooth communication between artificial intelligence and humans through dialogue. When a virtual assistant involves a representative in a dialogue, the representative sees all the conversation text on the Exairon conversation panel and responds in the same chat box. It easily accesses conversations where individuals have participated or not participated through filtering. After the transfer, the artificial intelligence does not leave the conversation; it presents the prepared response to the representative using the Exairon Platform feature.

As a result, it can send the same message to all selected individuals via the WhatsApp channel without worrying about repeatedly copying and pasting the message.

Not only short messages but also exploring a new way to engage the individuals it serves by sending PDFs, photos, videos, and much more. It can also access analytics data such as how many people messages were delivered to, whether the delivery was successful, and if they were seen. The ability to receive instant support and reach out to the individuals it serves 24/7 contributes to improving the experience and increasing efficiency.

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