Remed Assistance: A Technological Revolution in Roadside Assistance Operations

With technology becoming integrated into every aspect of our lives, customer expectations are constantly evolving, especially in critical situations such as roadside assistance. Customer satisfaction in these scenarios requires not only providing a fast and effective solution but also minimizing the stress experienced by the customer through seamless communication. In this context, the collaboration between Remed Assistance and Exairon represents a technological revolution in all assistance operations, particularly in roadside assistance.

Collaboration between Remed Assistance and Exairon

As a leading company in the roadside assistance sector, Remed Assistance aims to provide uninterrupted and high-quality service to its customers. To achieve this goal, Remed Assistance took a step ahead by integrating Exairon’s innovative technologies with the Microsoft Dynamics365 system.

Journey Starting with Autonomous Support

When a customer says “I’m stuck on the road,” Exairon intervenes autonomously by asking the customer for their location and the status of their vehicle, requesting photos of the vehicle. This process involves opening a record in the Microsoft Dynamics365 system, and the customer’s information and the details of the issue are automatically recorded.

Continuing with a Human Touch

Following this autonomous process, a Remed operator manually initiates contact with the relevant service provider using the information obtained. At this stage, the customer’s location, the problem they are experiencing, and other relevant information are automatically conveyed to the service provider, ensuring that the service is delivered quickly and effectively.

Secure Communication Between Customer and Technical Service

When the technical service accepts the call, more detailed information is provided, and this information is simultaneously communicated to the technical service while a callback is made to the customer. The customer is informed that the technical service is on its way and will arrive soon. Additionally, a system has been set up via WhatsApp, allowing the technical service and the stranded customer to communicate via a link without seeing each other’s numbers. This system enables communication between the parties without revealing each other’s contact information.

Process Monitoring and Customer Satisfaction

Customer approvals are obtained to ensure that the service has been successfully completed. Finally, a survey is sent to measure customer satisfaction, which is critical for continuous improvement and providing customer-centric service.

The Power of a Hybrid Structure

The collaboration between Remed Assistance and Exairon demonstrates a hybrid structure in roadside assistance operations, showcasing how technology and human intervention can work in perfect harmony. The process starts with autonomous technology, continues with human intervention, and concludes with autonomous follow-up and satisfaction measurement. Throughout this process, Exairon’s artificial intelligence takes center stage.

Technological Innovation and Human Touch

This hybrid model provides customers with a fast and effective solution while also offering the advantage of a personalized service experience. Autonomous systems ensure rapid intervention in emergency situations, while human operators can further improve the situation by addressing the emotional needs of the customer. This approach highlights the indispensable value of human touch while pushing the boundaries of technology.

Secure and Privacy-Respecting Communication

The secure communication link provided via WhatsApp facilitates communication between the customer and technical service, while also ensuring respect for the privacy of both parties. This feature provides customers with confidence in data protection and privacy, which are increasingly important considerations in today’s world.

Continuous Monitoring and Satisfaction Measurement

The continuous monitoring and satisfaction measurement conducted via Exairon are evidence of Remed Assistance’s commitment to continuously improving the customer experience. Customer feedback plays a critical role in shaping every aspect of the service according to customer expectations.


The collaboration between Remed Assistance and Exairon exemplifies how technological innovations and human touch can come together to enhance the customer experience in roadside assistance services and beyond. This hybrid model sets new standards for providing fast and effective solutions in emergency situations while maximizing customer satisfaction.

The transformation in roadside assistance services serves as an inspiration for other players in the industry, shedding light on the future of customer service. The collaboration between Remed Assistance and Exairon not only revolutionizes roadside assistance operations but also demonstrates new ways to achieve excellence in customer service by integrating technology with a human-centric approach.

This pioneering collaboration not only reshapes customer expectations in roadside assistance services but also provides valuable insights to other companies in the industry on how to integrate technology with a human-centered approach. Remed Assistance and Exairon are not only creating a technological revolution in roadside assistance operations but also showing new paths to excellence in customer service.

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