The AI Assistant designed on the Exairon Platform, Kargoist, is now available via WhatsApp Channel!

Kargoist has begun efforts to provide solutions to operational inquiries, which constitute a significant portion of the applications received at the call center. They took action to improve customer experience by initiating AI-supported and autonomous responses via the WhatsApp channel, aiming for instant replies. To implement this, they needed to utilize an AI-based virtual assistant and a live chat system working in a hybrid structure together. Setting the goal of providing instant support to their customers 24/7, Kargoist began researching how to achieve this. In their quest for solutions, Kargoist crossed paths with Exairon.

After thorough examination, Kargoist realized that they could quickly implement the trust provided by Exairon’s hybrid working mode, seamless customer experience, and the increase in operational efficiency enabled by artificial intelligence into their own processes. Integrations and dialogue structures were completed and tested within a very short period of one week, and made available to customers on WhatsApp lines. Subsequently, an increase in productivity was observed, with nearly 80% of the monthly call volume exceeding 50,000 being handled entirely autonomously, while the remaining portion was addressed in a hybrid manner. Thus, Kargoist and Exairon took a significant step towards a strong partnership.

Overview of Kargoist

Launched in 2012 by Isak Temel and Alim Yazlı, Kargoist operates as a corporate freight transportation venture closely following technological advancements.

The demand for e-commerce has significantly increased, especially during the pandemic period. Although e-commerce platforms hosted considerable traffic during this period, unfortunately, there have been some issues on the user side, particularly concerning logistics companies. Among these, Kargoist stands out as one of the solutions implemented in this context.

Customer-experience-centric, Kargoist offers a variety of options ranging from standard delivery to next-day delivery, scheduled delivery to same-day delivery, reverse logistics, doorstep returns, utilizing a wide range of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, and scooters.

Why Exairon?

Exairon, with its conversational artificial intelligence product, the Exairon Platform, containing all necessary components, has proven its success in various sectors. Exairon has gained high reliability in the industry. The successful autonomous customer support systems built by Exairon, based on AI-based conversational virtual assistants and its experience in designing dialogical experiences, have been influential in Kargoist’s decision to choose Exairon.

The AI assistant was created on this platform to provide uninterrupted support and instant access to information for individuals utilizing Kargoist’s services. Additionally, this AI-based support system also incorporates the human factor into the process. Kargoist collaborates with Exairon’s AI and live support system. AI and live support representatives work together to provide service to customers. The Exairon team took full responsibility for the successful preparation and delivery of the project.

How does Exairon assist Kargoist users?

User habits are evolving towards a more conversational direction. Kargoist enables individuals it serves to instantly access information in a conversational interface that aligns with their habits. The Exairon Platform allows for the creation of this conversational experience to encompass the most frequently asked questions and customers who want to inquire about shipping processes.

Through the tools and modules available in the Exairon Platform, the project was prepared by Exairon within 1 week. Kargoist customers can inquire about the status of their shipments via WhatsApp and instantly receive the response to their query. Automation ensures that operational costs are managed optimally as user numbers increase.

So, what are the questions Exairon helps Kargoist find solutions to?

  • Where is my package?
  • Package tracking and other shipping matters
  • Shipping issues
  • Change of address
  • Reporting complaints
  • Service hours

Why is it inspiring?

The Exairon Platform ensures seamless and uninterrupted connection between artificial intelligence and humans in dialogue. When a virtual assistant involves a representative in a dialogue, the representative sees the entire chat transcript in the Exairon conversation panel and responds in the same chat box. After the transfer, the AI does not leave the conversation but presents its prepared response to the representative using the Exairon Platform feature.

This allows Kargoist customers to instantly access shipping information via WhatsApp 24/7, improving their experience and increasing efficiency.

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