TEMSA and Exairon: A New Era in Customer Experience

TEMSA, a leading brand in the production of buses, midibuses, and light trucks worldwide, has taken steps in digital transformation to manage customer, dealer, and authorized service requests by choosing Exairon’s conversational AI-supported solutions. Since 2020, TEMSA has been operating under the partnership of Sabancı Holding and PPF Group (Skoda Transportation), and with its collaboration with Exairon, it has elevated customer experience to a new dimension.

Transition from Traditional Systems to AI-Supported Automation

Before partnering with Exairon, TEMSA received customer, dealer, and authorized service requests through form submissions on its website. However, this method was both time-consuming and posed various challenges in managing and tracking requests. Thanks to Exairon’s AI-supported customer experience automation system, TEMSA can now manage customer, dealer, and authorized service requests more quickly and effectively via WhatsApp and webchat. As a result, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency have significantly increased.

Managing Customer, Dealer, and Authorized Service Requests with Exairon

The solutions provided by Exairon offer several advantages for TEMSA’s customers, dealers, and authorized services:

  • Sales and Price Information: Customers can inquire about vehicle prices, receive quotes, and get information on vehicle delivery statuses.
  • Technical Service and Spare Parts: Authorized service requests, spare parts requests, second-hand vehicle inquiries, and warranty document requests can be easily made
  • Request Management: Customers, dealers, and authorized services can add to their requests and check the status of their requests in real-time.

Enhanced Customer and Service Experience with MachinaGPT

MachinaGPT, integrated by Exairon, takes TEMSA’s customer and service operations even further:

  • Customer Information: Customers can ask technical questions during the bus purchasing process, find the right vehicle according to their desired features, and compare different TEMSA models
  • Technical Support: MachinaGPT plays an active role in authorized service processes, utilizing AI power in fault detection processes. It queries fault causes and solutions from fault codes and provides accurate information to authorized services.

Comprehensive Service Through a Single Number

The system offered by Exairon operates by differentiating customer, dealer, and authorized service communications through a single contact number. This simplifies communication processes, and each request is managed through the correct channel.

Conclusion: Excellence and Efficiency in Customer Experience

Through its transformation with Exairon, TEMSA has made a significant leap in customer experience. With the speed and efficiency brought by digitalization, it has achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction. The TEMSA and Exairon partnership serves as an inspiration to other players in the industry by using the power of technology to manage customer, dealer, and authorized service requests. This innovative approach not only makes TEMSA a leading brand in customer experience but also sets a new standard in digital transformation with the solutions provided by Exairon.

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