Pronto Eventi: A Fresh Take on Events with Exairon

Pronto Eventi is a brand known for its Italian origins and high-profile conference organization. Operating in Turkey since 2014, this event company specializes in bringing together and serving companies active in various sectors such as software, IT, automotive, logistics, construction, food, chemistry, textiles, finance, information technologies, energy, electrical-electronics, metal, and health.

Pronto Eventi’s Unique Approach

Pronto Eventi has proven itself in the industry by bringing together top-level executives for networking and knowledge sharing. Operating in Italy for many years, the company aims to achieve the same success in the Turkish market.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, Pronto Eventi has strengthened its pioneering position in the industry by offering participants a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Unlike other event companies, Pronto Eventi only provides services in areas where it specializes, aiming for excellence in these fields.

An Innovative Collaboration with Exairon: Autonomous Customer Experience

Pronto Eventi successfully utilizes Exairon’s autonomous customer experience solutions for its events. By effectively implementing both inbound and outbound strategies, it attracts participants to its events and engages with them.

Outbound Strategy:

To increase event participation, Pronto Eventi reaches out to participants using solutions provided by Exairon. Before events, it sends reminders to participants who haven’t filled out participation forms and shares event details via WhatsApp by sending participation forms.

Inbound Strategy:

Exairon autonomously handles responses from customers, providing information to those interested in attending Pronto Eventi’s events. Those seeking information about events can interact with Exairon’s AI to obtain necessary details and fill out participation forms.

Advantages Gained with Exairon

Through Exairon’s autonomous customer experience solutions, Pronto Eventi strengthens customer relationships and increases event participation. Multi-channel communication, automatic responses, and AI-supported customer services enable Pronto Eventi to enhance customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.


With Exairon’s autonomous customer experience solutions, Pronto Eventi continues to solidify its leading position in the industry. With its customer-centric approach and innovative strategies, Pronto Eventi will continue to be a fresh breath in the event world.

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