Why should you start using Conversational Commerce?

If your business hasn’t embraced conversational commerce yet, we suggest you hurry up. Having a basic help desk or customer contact form definitely isn’t enough anymore. Today’s customers expect rich conversations and meaningful interactions with brands. Reports show that 86% of shoppers expect a quick, personalized experience when interacting with any business online. Therefore, organizations have been swiftly changing and establishing conversational AI to increase engagement on their online platforms.

What is Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce, also known as chat commerce or conversational marketing, is a way online retailers unleash the potential of conversation to sell their products and services. It doesn’t matter whether the conversational experience is delivered to a potential customer via a chat app, a chatbot, a voice assistant, or through a messaging platform. As long as customer communication is personalized, helpful, and moves the consumer faster through the sales funnel, it serves the purpose.

“Conversational commerce is about delivering convenience, personalization, and decision support while people are on the go with only partial attention to spare.”

Chris Messina

What are the benefits of Conversational Commerce?

1) Personalized assistance 🤖

Perhaps the greatest customer benefit of conversational commerce is its emphasis on personalized service. As customers research product information, chat bots may assist with tasks such as searching catalogues for preferred products and recommendations. If a customer asks a question, chatbots and human agents may work together to provide comprehensive assistance.

2) Helps build customer loyalty 🤝

You only get one chance to create a good first impression. Offering a helping hand to a customer who has entered your store for the first time lets you seize this opportunity. Unparalleled customer assistance and support can pave the way for incredible, long-lasting customer relationships.

As a chatbot engages with the customer and even offers extended offers and discounts, it delivers customer delight. A happy and satisfied customer would eventually start trusting a brand and stick to it for long.

3) Reduce cart abandonment 🛒

Unfortunately, up to %70 of shopping carts are abandoned. It is one of the biggest struggles that companies are facing. Customers oftenly use their shopping cart as a wishlist. They add lots of items but they don’t come back to the website for purchase.

Conversational commerce is one of the most effective solutions to decrease cart abandonment numbers: Send proactive greetings via live chat to customers who have gathered items in their carts but haven’t purchased them yet. Offer your support to help the customer complete their order.

4) Give product recommendations 🕵️‍♀️

One of the most significant benefits of Whatsapp is its end to end encryption to protect the subscribers privacy. It prevents potential eavesdroppers – including telecom providers, Internet providers, the government, and even the provider of the communication service (like WhatsApp) from being able to access the cryptographic keys needed to decrypt the conversation

5) Keep your customers with a good experience 👌

Getting help in a conversational way makes consumers happier (before the purchase and after) . Customer satisfaction from chatbots is at an all time high. Studies show that %81 of the customers who were assisted with a chatbot continued to use its guidance . Conversational AI is used more everyday by consumers, specifically because it’s the best way to “do” conversational commerce.

The feedback that consumers provide for these experiences shows why they’re so effective at selling to and satisfying customers. Consumers see conversational AI for commerce as quick, easy, fun, friendly and informative, even though they spend more time with a chatbot than they do with a website and take in less information overall.

6) Gather feedback

Collecting feedback from your customers through natural conversations is much more effective than using typical web forms. Use a live chat post-chat survey. It lets you collect customer feedback after they finish up the conversation with a chat agent. By asking customers about their opinion right up front, you can double your chances of getting their feedback and learn more about your customer’s needs.

With Exairon’s Platform, you can start expanding your businesses conversational commerce experience effectively. Accompanied by the biggest channels all over the world like Whatsapp (with 2 billion users), Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WeChat (in China) and Telegram.

For further information on Exairon Platform you can visit our Product Page.

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