Dr. Clinico has started collaborating with Exairon for an Autonomous Customer Experience

Dr. Clinico has heightened its interest in technology-based solutions to enhance patient services. A crucial stage of this transformation was the collaboration with Exairon, marking significant strides in autonomous customer experience.

Meet Dr. Clinico: Specialized in dental treatments, eye care, hair transplantation, weight loss surgery, and aesthetic solutions, Dr. Clinico provides personalized treatment plans, delivering comprehensive and reliable solutions in health and aesthetics managed by a dedicated team.

Driven by the value of information and a patient-centric approach, Dr. Clinico aims for outstanding results in dental treatments, eye care, hair transplantation, weight loss surgery, and aesthetics with its expert team.

Why Autonomous Customer Experience Innovation?

In pursuit of providing more personalized, fast, and efficient experiences, Dr. Clinico decided to collaborate with Exairon. Exairon offers a platform utilizing artificial intelligence and automation technologies, optimizing processes from appointment scheduling to monitoring treatment plans.

Exairon has developed an automation system with features such as multi-channel communication, appointment management, 24/7 communication, smart assistant support, and live assistance to meet the needs of Dr. Clinico’s customers.

Solutions Offered by Exairon:

  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Appointment Management
  • 24/7 Communication
  • Customer Service with Smart Assistant Support
  • Live Assistance

Exairon, an artificial intelligence-based automation system, assists Dr. Clinico in optimizing communication processes, reducing complexity, and providing more effective services to customers.

Do You Need Exairon?

Exairon is an autonomous customer experience platform integrating your digital presence into customer communication and business development processes. With its AI-supported virtual assistant and multi-channel communication capabilities, Exairon can help enhance your customer relationships. The ability to consolidate communications from various channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Business, and email into a single platform is just one of the advantages offered by Exairon.

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