Exairon Released “ExaironGPT” Solution for Dialogue Designers

The ChatGPT-based Dialogue Design Assistant helps businesses digitalize and enrich their customer experiences with artificial intelligence support. Building on this, Exairon announced the ExaironGPT solution for Dialogue Designers.

Exairon, which develops “next-generation customer experience technology solutions” to support businesses in offering a better experience to their customers and increasing customer loyalty, announced the ExaironGPT solution for Dialogue Designers. Supported by ChatGPT algorithms, the Exairon Dialogue Design Assistant offers businesses the opportunity to quickly create virtual assistants, more effectively deliver their services, and rapidly achieve their digitalization goals for customer experiences. With ExaironGPT, everything is possible!

The need to quickly and satisfactorily respond to customer questions and requests has become indispensable in today’s business world. Exairon’s Dialogue Design Assistant solution makes it much easier and faster for businesses to effectively answer frequently asked questions and meet customer demands in areas such as sales, operations, and post-sales support by using Exairon Machines (chatbots). As a result, businesses not only save time and resources but also increase customer satisfaction with instant and personalized responses.

The Exairon Platform is designed to accelerate the digital transformation of companies. With AI-supported, multi-channel, multi-language, and seamless Customer Interaction Management, along with proactive interaction capabilities offered for Operations, Demand Management, and Marketing teams, the Exairon Platform stands out as unique.

Customer Experience Through “Single Platform” with Human & AI Hybrid Teams
Businesses can start providing services with hybrid teams consisting of Human and AI operators by connecting digital channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Webchat, Mobilechat, and Google Business Messages to the platform within minutes. This allows for the management of a very high number of customer interactions on “a single platform” with much fewer human resources, supported by artificial intelligence.

Exairon’s AI-supported processes enable more effective and faster management of customer interactions. This not only maximizes customer experience for businesses but also accelerates processes and increases efficiency.

Key Features of ExaironGPT for Dialogue Designers
The Exairon Dialogue Design Assistant, with its ChatGPT-based infrastructure, enables the much faster design of new Virtual Assistants. Businesses that have not yet created their Virtual Assistants can do so within minutes.

Businesses wanting to enrich the service scope of their existing Virtual Assistants can also achieve their goals very practically and quickly using the generative AI power of ChatGPT with the Exairon Dialogue Design Assistant.

The Exairon Dialogue Design Assistant offers a design process that caters to users at all levels, significantly enhancing the virtual assistant experience.

Efficient Collaboration Between Expert Human Resources and AI Virtual Assistants
Thanks to Exairon’s revolutionary hybrid working approach, businesses are incorporating AI Virtual Assistants as team members. This innovative collaboration allows valuable human resources, such as Customer Representatives or Sales/Support Staff, to work in harmony with AI Virtual Assistants at every stage of business processes, meeting customer needs at the highest level. In routine processes, it’s possible to offer services “Autonomously” without the need for human resources. This model not only allows businesses to redirect their human resources to more strategic areas but also increases efficiency.

“Exairon is a pioneering technology venture aiming to redefine customer interactions for brands in line with the necessities of our era. We are progressing with the goal of providing reliable guidance to our customers on their digital transformation journey. With our ExaironGPT solution for Dialogue Designers, developed by considering our customers’ needs, we aim to help businesses make their virtual assistants more effective, fast, and personalized, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and supporting their growth. We believe that this ChatGPT-supported solution will make a significant impact in the field of customer experience.”

Utkan Şanda – Exairon Co-Founder & CEO

Multi-Language Support for Global Customer Experience
Exairon’s ChatGPT-supported solution also caters to businesses wanting to serve customers worldwide. Thanks to multi-language support, it offers the possibility to provide services in customers’ native languages 24/7, leading to more effective and personalized customer experiences.

Customization Options
With Exairon’s customizable Dialogue Design, businesses can design customer interactions to fully align with their brand identity. It’s possible to elevate the customer experience to the highest level with numerous customization options such as chat avatars, bubble colors, fonts, and sizes.

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