Redefining Customer Experience with the New MachinaGPT!

The Customer Experience Automation Platform Exairon, based on artificial intelligence, has announced its new MachinaGPT solution, which combines dialog-based and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Developed with the support of Large Language Models, the new MachinaGPT capability makes customer experience designs more comprehensive. This innovative solution provides organizations with the ability to answer non-structured questions based on data sources and inform their customers quickly and accurately within a scope they define.

🎯 Customizable Language Models for Companies

MakinaGPT allows organizations to create a customized language model based on their own data, utilizing the natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities of the GPT model.

Companies can use this language model in their internal processes or with a focus on customer services. MakinaGPT can be easily used within the specific infrastructures of companies in regulated sectors such as banking, investment, and public services, especially within their unique domains.

MakinaGPT enables the enrichment of artificial intelligence training and the creation of company-specific methods for generating responses to customers, along with Exairon’s hybrid operation, covering a broader range of customer experience topics. This way, companies can have a customized virtual assistant capable of providing accurate responses within the boundaries they set.

🤖 Innovations of MachinaGPT

MachinaGPT stands out for its ability to offer sophisticated narratives with rich content such as dialog-based, multi-step processes, menu and button options, Q&A, documents, and locations, tailored for the processes defined by organizations.

With Exairon’s hybrid operating mode, which presents all communication processes on a single platform, operators can join conversations as needed and collaborate with artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the power of Large Language Models and the newly developed MachinaGPT capability, organizations can now not only respond to general questions related to their own business line but also quickly meet their customers’ information and needs by teaching their knowledge bases to MachinaGPT and directing it according to their commands.

“We are excited to add the support of Large Language Models to the Customer Experience Automation infrastructure of Exairon with the new MachinaGPT capability. With this new feature, we aim to enhance our goal of optimizing business processes and increasing customer satisfaction by providing Customer Experience (CX) teams and call centers with a much more comprehensive, fast, accurate, and effective dialog-based artificial intelligence experience.”

Exairon CEO Utkan Şanda

Artificial Intelligence/MachinaGPT Supported Customer Experience Automation Platform: Exairon

By utilizing the artificial intelligence and MachinaGPT-supported communication skills of Exairon, your company can experience a remarkable transformation in both B2B and B2C customer experiences. Regardless of your business sector, you can create an environment where your customers can interact quickly and easily using the power of the AI-supported customer experience automation platform, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Discover the limitless possibilities offered by Exairon’s customer communication solutions, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while also enhancing the efficiency of your customer support operations, saving time and resources.

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