Chatbots Usage: Five Reasons 🧐

What benefits will the chatbots we produce give you in your business? While satisfying your customers, you have the opportunity to reduce your expenses and run your business more efficiently at the same time👇

👉 Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Expenses

Along with artificial intelligence, many “drudgery” jobs that were previously done manually have started to be done with automation methods. This development also allows your employees to focus on more efficient jobs and increases employee satisfaction. At the same time, it also has very important benefits. The benefits are improving your users’ experience in areas such as customer service with an accurate and effective algorithm. With Chatbot, you can serve thousands of users at the same time. Moreover, even though your customer base is growing, there is no negative increase in your cost.

👉 Maximum Customer Satisfaction with Chatbots

With the right marketing strategies, you can grow your business faster and make your name heard. The most important strategy is that your customers mention your brand’s name with a happy experience. So, what exactly is the benefit that Exairon provides with intelligent virtual assistants for the right service? We provide the users get the service that they desire by getting to know them according to the answers we receive from your users and giving them a personalized experience. In other words, according to the data we store in the database, we solve it by offering the best option without wasting time.

Bonus:📌 In addition to the fact that the data pulled from the Facebook API is up to date, virtual assistants with artificial intelligence also update themselves and refresh their knowledge according to the answers they receive.

👉 Saving Time with Chatbots

It might be considered that live chat services are more healthy and direct ways of communication. However, it is also possible to lose a potential client at a time of any intensity and fatigue. The programmed chatbot technology can serve your users 7/24 without any breaks.

Bonus:📌 If you have a concern about losing naturalness when you use bots from the point of view of your users, here is a bonus that will relieve you! Most of the time, users do not feel like they are communicating with a program owing to well-built AI. As long as people get quick feedback, talking to a bot does not have a negative effect.

👉 Expand Your Audience

In order to expand your audience, you must always be able to provide services and multiple communication channels. You can achieve these by integration opportunities that we offer you, as Exairon! For example, you can add a chatbot with a single click thanks to the Messenger integration without having to code. In this way, you will make your name heard on widely used social media platforms!

👉 The Pros of  Written Communication

Previous generations thought that the healthiest method for communication was a one-on-one conversation. However, in order to provide better service for your business, to make appropriate sales to your customers, and to get to know them, you need to have critical data. In the light of written communication, you will not doubt the answers given to you and you can build your user-specific service policy healthier. You and your customers will be like a family and get to know each other better every day thanks to the artificial intelligence that we have.

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