Using WhatsApp Business API as an Alternative to Mobile Apps

For a long time now, companies have been developing both consumer and internal Mobile Apps, taking advantage of the accessibility, user adaptability, location sharing and photo/video capture that mobile devices offer. However, the use of dialog-based interaction-based applications with WhatsApp is becoming increasingly widespread due to the difficulties encountered, especially the high cost of mobile application development and maintenance costs due to update needs.

We have compiled for you the main reasons why WhatsApp is preferred as an alternative to Mobile Applications 👇

1) Problems of mobile applications proliferation:

The high user acquisition costs of mobile applications are one of the biggest obstacles to widespread adoption. For this purpose, companies may have to spend very high marketing expenditures. With targeted campaigns becoming increasingly difficult, the effectiveness of marketing expenditures is on a downward trend.

2) Promotion problems of mobile applications:

As the number of applications and the resources consumed by mobile applications on devices increases, many users prefer to delete the applications they download when they are not in use. Even for apps that
are not deleted, re-entering the app and ensuring active use is a very laborious and costly process. For many apps, user usage rates are far below expectations and in-app purchases can be almost impossible.

3) High development costs of mobile applications:

Mobile application development is a sub-specialty of software development. Although software development tools, open source codes and collaboration platforms in this field are getting better every day, Mobile Application Developers are still more sought after and therefore more expensive resources than other fields. In addition, Mobile-specific details such as device compatibility, supporting a wide range of brands, models and operating system versions of mobile devices, and user permission processes extend the design, development and testing processes of these software and this increases costs.

4) High update and maintenance costs of mobile applications:

Even if there is no change in the processes of companies, the developing device diversity of mobile applications, innovations and revisions in operating systems make it mandatory to update mobile applications over time. Companies need constant resources for these updates. Considering
the costs of mobile application development, these updates can become a black hole for businesses. Especially if there is a need for a platform-specific version, these costs grow exponentially.

So what are the reasons why WhatsApp Business API is preferred as an alternative to Mobile Applications? 👇

1) The flexible dialog-based infrastructure of the WhatsApp Business API:

WhatsApp Business API stands out as an important alternative to mobile applications. WhatsApp Business API offers an infrastructure that can be used in many areas such as marketing, sales, operations, after-sales services and customer service. This infrastructure provides the opportunity to communicate directly with customers and reduces your costs by allowing you to respond quickly and effectively.

2) The impact of the WhatsApp Business API on user experience:

The WhatsApp Business API allows you to communicate directly with your users without downloading another app and helps you meet their demands quickly. This increases user satisfaction and facilitates
widespread adoption.

3) How WhatsApp Business API differs from other messaging apps:

Unlike other messaging apps, WhatsApp Business API enables businessesto communicate directly with their users. It also provides a faster and more reliable messaging service. It provides efficiency with high penetration and utilization rates.

4) Possibilities of using the WhatsApp Business API for marketing:

WhatsApp Business API can also be used for marketing. Businesses can inform their customers about campaigns, promotions and new products. You can also interact with your customers more effectively by sending them personalized messages.

5) The costs of the WhatsApp Business API:

Thanks to Exairon – Autonomous Customer Experience Platform, dialog- based application design on WhatsApp can be implemented without the need for coding. In this way, new scenarios and flows can be easily implemented without the need for expertise. Since the pricing of the platform is based on the volume of conversations, there is a scalable and predictable cost from the smallest needs to the most intensive use and high transaction number processes.

6) The impact of the WhatsApp Business API for app developers:

Exairon – Autonomous Customer Experience Platform also offers opportunities for WhatsApp application developers. In particular, Dialog- Based Interaction design and automation constructs make the lives of
application developers easier with faster and faster implementation of a large number of Company needs.
Due to the costs of developing, downloading, promoting and updating mobile apps, businesses are increasingly using WhatsApp as an app development infrastructure. WhatsApp Business API is a tool that can be used in many different areas such as sales, marketing, operations and after-sales support and
internal user applications of many units such as HR, IT, etc. within the company. In addition, WhatsApp provides the opportunity to communicate directly with users, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively and reducing costs.


The Exairon platform allows your company to quickly develop conversational applications on WhatsApp and many other messaging platforms and implement them in the fastest way with minimum effort.
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