How is Artificial Intelligence Used in Insurance?

Artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning solutions are emerging as the most important tools to differentiate businesses from their competitors in the insurance industry! While the adoption of AI has only just begun, the landscape has already undergone a significant shift. If insurance companies want to stand out in a fiercely competitive environment, they must explore artificial intelligence.

With AI solutions, you can improve your business, enhance your customer experience and strengthen your customer relationships. Exairon, your supporter during and after sales, offers you integrated AI solutions!

Online sales strategies are of great importance for your business. Users are looking for businesses that will meet their needs in the digital environment, and your customer relationships in the digital environment are a very important part of your brand identity and reputation. So, would you like to take your customer relations one step further?

Support Your Customers with Exairon

Exairon enables you to manage your customer relationships successfully, while getting to know your customers and providing you with data you can use effectively. In this way, you will both satisfy your customers and grow your business.

Customer relations are the foundation of the success of many organizations. It is possible to improve your customer relations by perfecting your customer communication. 

Exairon is an integrated structure to improve your customer relations. With the platform, you can create an environment where your customers can reach you 24/7. Benefit from artificial intelligence assistants by connecting your social media and internet accounts to your profile. Gain insights into your customers’ preferences in different messaging applications and improve your business. Invest in the future with Exairon.

Grow Your Business with Artificial Intelligence Powered Technologies

Artificial intelligence-based technologies are with you both in business processes and communication processes. These technologies, which can be used in many different fields, continue to change practices even in insurance, which is a very stable sector. Artificial intelligence opens the doors to a more successful business life with brand new experiences in insurance. Well, let’s take a look at what you can do with artificial intelligence in the insurance sector.

You are No Longer Alone in Policy Sales Processes

The insurance industry requires constant contact with customers. On the other hand, this can be extremely difficult and tiring for employees. Since it is a very time-consuming job, productivity can unexpectedly decrease. 

Thanks to AI-based platforms, you can ensure that AI assistants stay in touch with your customers during policy sales processes. AI assistants will be available to your customers around the clock, communicate with them in the way you want, speed up the sales process and keep them under control!

To prepare new insurance policies, you need to analyze a lot of data. These include data on potential risks and historical events. Comparing all this, tailoring it to your customer’s needs or even just drafting a policy takes a lot of time and effort. This is no longer the case… Art assistants can quickly generate insights into potential risks based on historical data and information in your system. They can read, analyze and organize documents, and do so extremely quickly. 

Utilizing AI technologies to increase the efficiency of your business will be a highly successful strategy!

Damage Assessment and Claims

While the bulk of an insurer’s job is to assess claims and help customers cover them, loss assessment is far from easy. Even for a small claim assessment, insurers have to go through several policies and comb through every detail to determine how much the customer will receive for their claim. Virtual assistants will be happy to help you with this extremely tiring and laborious process!

Virtual assistants and AI tools powered by machine learning technology can quickly identify what is included in a claim and estimate the potential costs involved. They can analyze unstructured data from the company’s records that users may not even be aware of yet. The employee can then review the results of the AI’s recommendations, validate them and resolve the claim. In this way, both your employee, your company and your customer will be solved without any problems.

Don’t Let Your Users Forget You

In the busyness of their lives or for other personal reasons, your users may forget the dates when they need to contact you. Since your business and the business of your employees depends on it, customer forgetfulness can be a problem for the organization. For this reason, it would be a very justifiable precaution to send preliminary reminders to your customers in cases such as policy renewals. The question of how you will make these reminders is, of course, the crucial part of this job. Will you call your customers one by one and remind them? Or will you write messages to your customers one by one? Maybe you thought of posting “Don’t Forget to Renew Your Policy” ads on your digital accounts… You don’t need to do any of that, art assistants will make the necessary reminders to your customers on the date you want, with the messages you want, as they will analyze your customer data. For example, it is possible to remind each of your customers 1 week before their policy renewal date. If you want, you can send them other notifications, sometimes you can just wish them a good day. Save time and cost by using Exairon to do all of this easily from a single platform!

Roadside Assistance 

roadside assistance and support points are among the most important parts of insurance services. So how can artificial intelligence help you with such a vital issue? Let’s look at the answer together. Let’s say a customer is stranded on a very deserted road. When he calls you for roadside assistance, the traditional way of doing things would require him to wait on the line for a long time, explain what he needs and go through many steps to reach the right person, right?

Virtual assistants don’t just analyze written texts. Thanks to voice response systems, they analyze what your customer says when they call in an emergency roadside assistance situation and respond quickly. It directs the user to the right person without wasting time. It can even provide the location of the nearest support point. This technology reduces waiting time, saving you thousands of minutes a day and increasing your productivity.

Customer Service

What we have described so far are examples of how successful virtual assistants have been in customer service and how successful they can be in the future. The biggest advantage of virtual assistants in customer service is that, unlike humans, these devices are always available and respond quickly to problems. 

A user who needs customer service in the middle of the night doesn’t have to wait for working hours to start if you have a virtual assistant. When this is the case, your customer’s loyalty to you grows and they see themselves as a valued participant in the organization. Close communication with your stakeholders is very important.

No Room for Error with Exairon

One of the most important contributions of virtual assistants and integrated AI platforms is the elimination of human error. It is natural for employees to experience a decrease in productivity during the day or periodically. Apart from that, human error is commonplace and can be triggered by many different factors. An employee who didn’t sleep the night before may make a mistake that misleads a customer during working hours. 

Exairon Autonomous Customer Experience Platform leaves no room for error. It allows you to create hybrid teams of your employees and AI assistants, creating a human-machine interactive control environment. Protects your people and your business. Leaves no room for error.

It is possible to achieve all these and more with Exairon! Become a member of the platform and start growing your business.

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