Rebornia Started Working with Exairon for Autonomous Customer Experience

Rebornia had accelerated its search to provide better service to its patients with technology-based solutions. An important stop of this transformation was the collaboration with Exairon autonomous customer experience, the industry’s pioneer.

Meet Rebornia, the New Member of Our Family

Rebornia, with its aesthetic experts and plastic surgeons, dentists, beauticians, psychologists and nutritionists, works as a team to discover not only surgical and medical procedures, but also everything about living well, feeling happy and peaceful, and being present to its patients.

Human life is made up of cycles. It has its ups and downs. Rebornia is a training that accompanies you to be reborn at these turning points, perhaps just when you say to yourself “it’s over”. Together, this is the formula to get rid of your visual problems with effective and fair touches at the right time, to hold on to life with your natural and renewed image, and to renew your self-confidence. We promise you to be reborn with our team, ready to find.

Why Was Innovative Autonomous Customer Experience Necessary?

Rebornia contacted Exairon to offer its patients a more personalized, fast and efficient experience. Using artificial intelligence and automation technologies, Exairon offered a platform that could optimize a number of processes, from patients making appointments to following treatment plans and even updating their health information.

Once Rebornia began implementing its autonomous customer experience platform, results quickly began to appear. Patients could now make appointments, communicate with their doctors, and update their health records through the online platform. This allowed patients to quickly access their needs without having to wait.

What Does Exairon Do for Rebornia Customers?

As Exairon, we have developed an automation system that will meet all the needs of Rebornia customers. This system allows customers to receive better service with less waiting time by accelerating their appointment process.

Thanks to our artificial intelligence-based automation system, Rebornia can run Facebook, Instagram, Web, WhatsApp and Verimor channels from a single platform, reduce the intensity and complexity of communication processes, solve problems and use 24/7 live support features.

Solutions Offered by Exairon for Rebornia include:

  • Responding to comments on Instagram and Facebook posts from a single platform and responding to private messages.
  • Managing incoming communications from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Web, and Verimor channels from a single platform.
  • Appointment management.
  • Communication with customers via a call center, including communication with fixed phones.
  • 24/7 communication.
  • Providing comprehensive service to customers with the help of a smart assistant.
  • Live support and frequently asked questions.

You Need Exairon 🤖

Exairon is an Autonomous Customer Experience Platform. The Exairon Platform integrates with your digital presence and engages in customer communication and business development processes. The Exairon Platform ensures that the dialogue between artificial intelligence and humans is seamless and uninterrupted.

When the artificial intelligence-supported virtual assistant includes a representative in the dialogue, the representative can see the entire conversation text in the Exairon conversation panel and respond to the ongoing conversation in the same chat box. Exairon proves its commitment to social media and communication by serving through multiple channels. It improves customer relations and interactions by using digital support tools known as smart assistants in various fields.

Exairon can conduct meaningful and accurate dialogues with the triggering feature, providing customers with the information they need while being integrated with main applications such as WhatsApp API and Meta, eliminating the need to download different applications or register elsewhere.

These are just a few of the features offered by Exairon, and there is no limit to what Exairon can do!

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