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Success Story: Fuga Furniture – Digital Transformation with Exairon

uga Furniture, known for its loyal customer base and quality products, has been one of the leading brands in the furniture sector in Turkey for many years. However, increased competition and changing consumer habits indicated the need to expand the company further and elevate the customer experience to a new level through digital transformation. It is at this point that Fuga Furniture’s transformation journey began with a collaboration with Exairon.

Fuga Furniture: Where Aesthetics and Functionality Meet in Furniture

Fuga Furniture is known for its functional furniture that brings together functionality in over 30 business partners, 22 stores in 9 countries on 5 continents. Its extensive product range offers options for every taste and lifestyle. Fuga Furniture aims to provide quality and elegance to its customers, making living spaces more special.

The Importance of Digital Transformation

Increased competition in the market and changing consumer habits prompted Fuga Furniture to embrace digital transformation. Customers now expect 24/7 accessibility, and Fuga Furniture responded to these changing demands by creating a digital transformation strategy to enhance the customer experience.

Digital Transformation with Exairon

Fuga Furniture’s digital transformation journey gained momentum through collaboration with Exairon. Through the Exairon Customer Experience Automation Platform, Exairon provided solutions to meet Fuga Furniture’s needs, strengthening the company’s digital presence and making its customer experience journey more efficient. Here are some key elements of this collaboration:

  • Increasing Visibility: Exairon enabled Fuga Furniture to manage all digital and social media channels from a single platform. This allowed for streamlined customer communication and a more cohesive online presence.
  • Customer Communication and Support: Exairon facilitated more personalized communication with Fuga Furniture’s customers and provided fast support through Artificial Intelligence scenarios. It responded to customer inquiries and requests instantly across all digital channels, especially WhatsApp.
  • Order Management and Automation: Exairon’s automation capabilities allowed Fuga Furniture to optimize customer interactions and take faster actions.
  • Detailed Analytics: The capabilities of the Exairon Platform provided detailed insights into customer interactions, allowing for continuous improvement of customer communication.

Result: Strong Digital Transformation with Exairon

Through collaboration with Exairon, Fuga Furniture strengthened its digital presence and completely transformed the customer experience. Customers can now easily find, browse, and place orders for their desired products online. This transformation helped Fuga Furniture increase customer satisfaction and stay ahead in the competitive market. The successful partnership with Exairon was a significant step in guiding Fuga Furniture’s digital transformation and supporting its future growth.

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