Top 10 Most Important Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in the Manufacturing Distribution Industry

AI-based technologies have the potential to completely transform the manufacturing, distribution and sales industries. The effective use of these technologies by businesses means an increase in product quality, improvement in product design, time and cost savings. While production and distribution processes are accelerated, human errors that may be encountered in the processes are reduced or even eliminated completely. The use of AI in these sectors does not mean mechanization; on the
contrary, areas such as customer relations, communication and messaging are some of the areas where AI can be used most effectively. So how can you integrate AI technologies into your business? With Exairon,
it is quite easy! Let’s take a look at what you can do with Exairon…

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing is

Smart factories, smart systems, digital records… As the role of artificial intelligence technologies and digitalization continues to increase in production processes, more and more manufacturers are adopting these technologies. In many different sectors, artificial intelligence has started to take over the workload from product packaging design, packaging, promotion and communication. On the other hand, the need for these technologies has become inevitable as the devices used in production have started to generate data.

We can briefly touch on the main reasons for the growing role of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing sector:

  • Artificial intelligence technologies learn fast. Artificial intelligence-based systems can learn and automate human tasks in a short timewith deep learning algorithms in the background. However, thesejobs can be performed in many processes beyond the automation category. For example, a system that you will use for your customer relations can reveal the most accurate insights for your customers by analyzing your customers’ data and your messages.
  • AI technologies can learn unsupervised. This means that you don’t need to prepare the data the system needs to learn in advance and train it with that data. The system learns what to do on its own in a very short period of time and starts behaving accordingly.

The Exairon autonomous customer experience platform gives you intelligent assistants that work just like that. With the platform, we can create hybrid teams of your employees and virtual assistants. This way,
your users and customers can stay in touch with you 24/7. Virtual assistants are very good at delivering the messages you want to users through different channels. Over time, they learn from the experiences of
your employees and users and become perfect and error-free without the need for your improvements.

In Which Industries Can You Work with Artificial Intelligence Assistants?

There are successful examples of work developed with virtual assistants in food, cosmetics and many other sectors. Companies such as Pepsi and Ülker have started to improve their customer experience and business processes with the help of virtual assistants. You can use virtual assistants in production, distribution and sales processes with peace of mind. Although the benefits of these applications vary from sector to sector, they can be seen at many different stages such as eliminating errors, improving communication processes, increasing the quality of customer experience, staying up-to-date in design, and increasing communication channels.
With virtual assistants:

  • Eliminate human error.
  • Reduce your headcount, automate or semi-automate office work and customer communication. Thus, reduce your expenses.
  • Increase the number of communication channels, stay in touch with your customers and stakeholders through your website, WhatsApp, social media and email channels.
  • Stay up to date with communication. Virtual assistants will handle communication with your customers and send you push notifications where human support is needed. This way, you can be with your customers at all times.

Artificial intelligence is used very actively in different sectors in production, distribution and wholesale stages and provides great benefits. Let’s take a look at what you can do in the sector in general with artificial intelligence technologies.

1) Don’t Miss the Sales Opportunity

Virtual assistants and AI-based technologies learn from your customer experiences. They analyze the data provided by users and help you improve your designs, such as color usage and font selection. In this way,
you can choose the most suitable designs for your brand and communicate visually with your customers before packaging. Never miss a sales opportunity!

2) Analyzes

Every day, an unlimited amount of data is generated by your users, even if you don’t realize it. This data can be structured or unstructured. Unstructured data such as emails, images and videos contain extremely important information for the development of your business. Utilizing this data is crucial for the future of your business and customer satisfaction. With virtual assistants, your unstructured data and information from customer communication channels are analyzed to provide you with vital
insights. This information is crucial for your decision-making and planning processes.

3) Process Improvements

Production and distribution processes can be very intense and painful, and disruptions in these processes have a negative impact on the supply chain. Thanks to virtual assistants, there is no room for error in these processes and processes are greatly improved. The elimination of human errors saves you from financial losses caused by errors.

4) Self-Service Employee Apps from Manufacturing Facilities

It is possible to digitally organize product receipt from the warehouse, in-plant routing and deliveries, stock information and stocking needs or assignments and other activities required in quality control processes through Exairon! In factories and other production/storage facilities, youcan easily carry out internal and external communications with your employees via WhatsApp and other mobile messaging applications without the need for high mobile application and digitalization investments.

5) Moving Your Order Processes to Artificial Intelligence Supported Digital Channels

In the manufacturing and distribution sectors, you no longer need complex mobile applications that require investment to collect customer orders. With Exairon, you can collect your customer orders via a digital communication platform of your choice, for example WhatsApp, and automatically handle the entire communication process.

6) Automation with Artificial Intelligence in Distribution Processes

Although collecting orders, delivering the right order to the right team and region and starting the distribution process is extremely important, it can be difficult because it requires a complex communication network and errors are often encountered in this process. With Exairon, you can quickly and automatically report all distribution processes to the right teams. The AI-based platform handles all communication and notification processes for you! Moreover, it is possible to carry out all these processes via WhatsApp without the need for any additional application!

7) Run Your Campaigns on WhatsApp

You can prepare special campaigns for your consumers. You may want to inform your consumers about general campaigns. Emails or phone calls are a thing of the past. Grow your brand loyalty by keeping your customers informed about the latest developments and the latest deals by conducting all these autonomously via the WhatsApp channel on the Exairon Panel!

8) Resolve Consumer Requests and Complaints via WhatsApp

The speed with which you handle consumer complaints about counterfeit or defective products is critical. This requires an attitude that will ensure the continuity of both your brand image and your customers. Easily manage the communication processes here with Exairon via WhatsApp!

9) Exairon is With You for After Sales Support

It is very important to provide after-sales support to your consumers and users. Renovations, warranty periods, wishes and complaints… It is possible to carry out all these autonomously with Exairon via WhatsApp, mobile-chat or a social media platform of your choice without the need for any platform, extra phone calls!

10) Improve Logistics Processes with Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Logistics processes are very complex. Many errors such as product surpluses, product deficits, incorrect inputs create huge amounts of loss and it is extremely difficult to keep track of all these. Virtual assistants
record this information for you. It also allows you to track your logistics processes. In case of problems that arise while trying to deliver products from one place to another, it informs you instantly. In this way, while tracking your products moment by moment, in case of any mishap, you can intervene before the problem arises.

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