5 Examples of Negative Customer Service Experiences and How to Fix Them?

Customer service experience is vital for any business, but do you know how vital it is?

In such a hyper-competitive business era, it is important to know the consequences of poor customer service interaction and the benefits of an efficiently functioning customer support department. Understanding what good customer service is and how it is closely related to the overall business helps companies build strong customer relationships.

What is a Bad Customer Service Experience?

Poor customer service can be defined as the failure of a business to meet customer expectations in terms of service quality, response time or overall customer experience. Factors that negatively impact customer service include inadequate support staff, lack of real-time support or failure to understand your customer’s needs.

A poor customer service experience not only disrupts existing customer relationships, but also jeopardizes potential opportunities and clearly erodes the potential of your business. “58% of consumers would switch companies because of a poor customer service experience,” says research by Microsoft.

Top Causes of Poor Customer Service Instances (and How You Can Fix Them with Exairon)

What are the reasons that label businesses as poor customer service providers? Let’s dive into the details together and find out how to fix businesses’ bad customer service experience using the Exairon platform and discuss what they can do with it.

1. Failure to provide real-time support:

Customers expect real-time responses. “90% of customers consider it very important to get an ‘immediate response’ when they have a query,” says Hubspot research. This means that your response times across communication channels should be reasonable.

Businesses that focus on providing 24/7 real-time support improve customer satisfaction, which increases revenue and builds loyalty. When it comes to providing real-time support, live chat and chatbots are the best communication tools.

With live chat, businesses can provide real-time support to customers. It helps you to start a proactive conversation with website visitors and customers to get stuck on a particular page on your website and provide the right guidance.

You can automate your conversations to engage customers 24/7 when your support team is busy or unavailable. Artificial intelligence chat bots can answer Frequently Asked Questions instantly and improve customer satisfaction rates.

How to fix it?

  • You can use live chat to offer real-time sales and support assistance to customers. This leads to more sales conversions and higher retention rates. It also increases customer satisfaction and improves loyalty.
  • With chatbots, you can interact with your customers 24/7. They are always available to answer simple queries, reducing the number of support requests and increasing team productivity.
  • You can also combine both channels and provide hybrid support to your customers with Exairon. From the simplest to the most complex, you can easily meet all customer needs from dialog-based and integrated with your other systems from a single application, thanks to the collaboration of human and artificial intelligence.

2. Failure to solve the problem at first contact

One of the principles of customer service is a quick solution at the first contact. When a customer issue is addressed, not only is the resolution faster, but the number of contacts for the same issue is also reduced.

Using a platform to support visual engagements plays a crucial role in identifying problems at first contact. Having a visual understanding of the issue helps you provide a concrete solution and increase customer satisfaction.

How to fix it?

Businesses can improve one of the key metrics – average time to resolution – by using visual sharing functions such as files, screenshots, etc. These functions can help your business turn bad customer service into good examples.

One of the important requirements of the first contact solution is the need to be able to take action at the time of contact, with Exairon’s advanced integration capabilities, the need can be fully met by executing the necessary operations in autonomous or hybrid mode at the time of contact.

3. Incompetent customer support team

A dedicated support team is a great source of pride for any business. Not having a competent team can create the worst examples of customer service. If your business is missing this factor, it may not be able to provide proactive support, thus losing loyal customers and damaging brand reputation and more customer complaints.

How to fix it?

  • Thanks to Exairon’s hybrid mode of operation, AI’s “Suggestion Delivery System” ensures consistent responses across all departments and teams.
  • Exairon also offers team collaboration functions that enable team members to easily collaborate on issues, share information and get approvals.

4. Failing to measure the quality of your customer service

Measuring customer service quality is one of the vital aspects of every business. If ignored, it can have a dire impact on your business. Companies that miss out on measuring customer service fail to reap the following benefits:

  • Insights into how your business is performing,
  • Not knowing your customers’ perception of your products and services,
  • Significant difference in assessment of the quality of the customer experience between the business and customers.
    Not having these benefits negatively impacts your business success in team productivity, customer satisfaction and retention. It shows how critical it is to define customer service KPIs and measure them regularly.

Metrics are used by support teams to analyze the success of customer service and take necessary actions.
are performance criteria used to get and improve performance.

Here are the key KPIs and metrics for measuring customer service satisfaction;

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) – The CSAT score shows how satisfied customers are with your business. You ask your customers to directly rate their satisfaction with your products and services.
  • Average Response Time (ART): Measures the time between the customer initiating the conversation and the agent responding. As it is one of the main customer complaints, it is a very important KPI to consider for customer service performance evaluation.
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR): FCR measures the efficiency with which your customer support team resolves an issue on the first call. It shows how skilled your agents are at understanding and resolving the issue at the first point of contact.

How to fix it?

  • Exairon’s detailed insights allow you to check all KPIs. You can easily identify where you are stuck or where you need to make improvements.
  • To reduce your response time, you should scale your support agents or use AI-based virtual assistants. Virtual assistants can handle basic queries 24/7 when agents are not available.

5. Not receiving regular customer feedback

Have you ever bothered to know if your customers are satisfied with your service quality, your products or your overall brand? If not, you are missing an important element that causes you to create examples of poor customer service – e.g. the Customer Feedback Survey

How to fix it?

You can easily collect feedback from your customers through all channels integrated with Exairon. You can analyze the feedback you collect on an operator, team and channel basis and take improvement actions when necessary.

To summarize bad customer experience;

Poor customer service has many negative impacts on businesses. However, if your business is customer-centric, delivering a better customer experience should be one of the most important goals for your organization.

With Exairon, you not only eliminate the negative impact of customer service, but also build lifelong customer relationships and brand loyalty. Exairon provides an automated customer service platform that enables your business to offer real-time sales/support assistance. With the ability to manage your multiple digital channels from a single platform, sign up today and empower your support team to deliver an excellent customer service experience.

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